Account Ban Rules

Severe unacceptable behaviors lead to an account ban. Here are some examples:

1. Using a modified or unauthorized game client.

2. Using unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game client.

3. Using cheating tools to get unfair advantages.

4. Modifying model files to get unfair advantages.

5. Exploiting glitches or bugs.

6. Being reported by multiple players and detected with abnormal gameplay activities simultaneously.

7. Bypassing the Free Fire anti-hack system via illicit local data transfer.

We also would like to remind all Survivors not to team up with hackers.

We adopted a zero-tolerance policy, so any account found guilty of above violations will be permanently suspended. No appeal will be entertained.

While we do have proof, in order to prevent hackers from figuring out workarounds or circumventing our detection system, such information is confidential and thus not disclosed.