How Detection System Works

The Free Fire detection system employs the latest AI learning methods. It forms a detector through sorting and analyzing a large number of past reports. In order to maintain accuracy and efficiency, the detection system analyzes player data during the game in combination with the report.

Score change:
Improper actions like AFK, force quit, verbal abuse, and toxic behaviors result in varying score deductions depending on game modes with no daily limit. There will be extra deductions for multiple violations that take place on the same day; the more violations per day, the more scores deducted.

1. If your violation rate is below 30%, no extra scores will be deducted.
2. If your violation rate is between 30%-40%, there will be a 20% additional score deduction.
3. If your violation rate is between 40%-50%, there will be a 40% additional score deduction.
4. If your violation rate is between 50%-70%, there will be a 60% additional score deduction.
5. A violation rate above 70% will face an 80% additional score deduction.

Honor score goes up automatically if no improper behaviors are found. Score increase has a daily limit.

Behaviors to report:

1. Abnormal headshot
2. Using Med Kit while moving
3. Walking through barriers
4. Abnormal movement

Toxic Behaviors:
1. AFKs
2. Force quits
3. Intentionally taking zone damage
4. Intentional feeding

Inappropriate Names