What Is the Honor System?

Dear Survivors,

To better monitor our in-game environment, we are introducing the Honor Score System.


Toxic behaviours such as AFK, force quit, Intentional zone damage, intentionally losing and others will lead to deductions to the Honor Score. Players who maintain a perfect Honor Score every week will be rewarded.


The situations below will lead to score changes

1. Proper gaming behavior will increase the score: player can gain 1 point for each match if no violation was detected.
2. Toxic behavior reports confirmed by the system will decrease the score.


Different scores will result in different penalties. See details below:

1. 99-95: No penalties & no rewards.
2. 94-90: Unable to play CS-Ranked.
3. 89-80: Unable to play BR-Ranked Duo & Squad mode, CS-Ranked.
4. 79-60: Unable to play BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked.
5. <60 : Unable to play BR-Ranked, CS-Ranked, and cannot team up with other players.


Let's maintain a fair gaming environment together.